Institut Laue-Langevin - účast České republiky

The Information day connected with the meeting of International Advisory Committee took place in the building of Faculty of Mathematics and Physics in Prague on Friday, April 28.

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P. Javorský:   welcome and brief summary of ILL-CZ activities in 2016/17
J. Kulda:        ILL news
M. Klicpera:   Final report from the postdoc stay at ILL - magnetic excitations in tetragonal CeCuAl3
M. Vališka:     Plans for PhD stay in ILL
M. Kempa:     Simulation and data analysis of inleastic data from ThALES using the RESTRAX package
F. Schreiber:  Neutrons for the study of soft and biological matter
P. Mason:      Why biochemistry needs neutrons scattering
A. Viani:        Investigation of magnesium phosphate ceramics with neutron scattering techniques
P. Mikula:      Neutron scattering facilities at NPI Řež
P. Beran:       Engineering diffractometer BEER@ESS - phase 2BEER@ESS - phase 2
N. Kučerka:   Probing Matter with Neutrons in Slovakia
P. Lukáš:      Czech partnership in the European Spallation Source project


Meeting 2017
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